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I’m Janine.

I'm a tech entrepreneur, wife and mom to 4 under 4. I'm here to celebrate working moms, female founders and everything in between!

While building and growing my technology company, I got married, had four kids (one set of twins!), and found a way to streamline my life to continue investing in myself. Being a female founder and working mom comes with obstacles, but my family is my WHY and keeps me going!

My mission is to help you find your spark, overcome your challenges, and start your venture all while building your family.


Mon'Amie: My Female Friend

Think of me as your mon'amie! I'm here to support and encourage you on the journey of motherhood, entrepreneurship, and finding your work-life balance as a working mom.

You, my friend, can do it all. So what are you waiting for?


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The Working Mom’s Startup Guide

In this free guide, you'll find checklists, actionable tips and simple strategies to help you start up your business and balance the joy of motherhood at the same time!

She Starts Up Podcast


She Starts Up Podcast

An innovative business podcast that takes you behind the scenes with fearless women, working moms and successful entrepreneurs to help you uncover your fullest potential and become the business woman and mother you were made to be!

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She Starts Up is a must-listen podcast for determined women and working moms seeking guidance, motivation, and sisterhood during their journey.

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Female Founders Club

Female Founders Club is a group of fearless women celebrating and encouraging each other through the challenges of starting up and growing in their careers and goals.

  • We believe female founders are brave and bold.

  • We believe in supporting one another.

  • We believe that together, we can help the advancement of women through community.

Female Founders Club is a group of fearless women celebrating and encouraging each other through the challenges of starting up and growing in their careers and goals.

Calling all tech founders, stay-at-home moms, fashion bloggers, aspiring entrepreneurs, and all other girl bosses - Join now to become a founding member!

Female Founders Club is a group of women who are leaders: brave and bold and who stand together to support each other in business and professional goals.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Old Book

The book

A must-read book for women who have dreams of starting their own business and becoming a leader, even if they also plan to start a family.

Janine’s forthcoming book pulls back the curtain on the startup world from a female founder’s point of view and exposes the highs and lows of entrepreneurial life and motherhood. From brainstorming business ideas to building a family, Janine’s story will empower you to take risks, embrace failure and invest in what matters most.

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